Born on February 11, 1992

1998 - Age 6/7 - 1st Grade

Volunteers for local school play as assistant sound design.

Began an interest in theater.

Would perform plays at home for family.

1999 - Age 7/8 - 2nd Grade

Listened to albums and orchestral soundtracks as often as possible.

Began having an interest in behind-the-scenes for films.

Began having an interest in inventions.

2000 - Age 8/9 - 3rd grade

Started having an interest in script writing and short-story telling.

Started to dislike school.

Saved lunch money to pay students to do homework.

2001 - Age 9/10 - 4th Grade

 Began filming home movies with family and friends.

2002 - Age 10/11 - 5th Grade

Lost complete interest in school.

Started research on practical effects.

Purchased rubber band guns for home movies.

Began failing school.

2003 - Age 11/12 - 6th Grade

Completely awe-struck by Saving Private Ryan.

Started to have a complete devotion to cinema.

Began interest in military campaigns.

2004 - Age 12/13 - 7th Grade

Wrote first electronic music tracks.

Started having an obsession with business.

Started drop shipping sales to students.

Began selling candy, video games, etc. to students after learning about wholesale.

Income from the sales averaged $60 a week.

Became a top 10 DJ on local online charts.

Began interest in Break dancing and Pop 'n' Lock.


2005 - Age 13/14 - 8th Grade

Continued growth in business.

Continued growth in music endeavors.

Began poker tournaments.

Joined video editing classes.

Began the idea of merging business and music together.

Began extensive research on business, film, music and sound design.

Began paying students to do my homework again (too busy).

Paid students to change chairs during tests.

2006 - Age 14/15 - 9th Grade

Ended poker tournaments.

Ended drop shipping and wholesale.

Began DJ business.

Started YouTube Machinima videos. Ranked #1 after 3 months.

Income averaged $400 a weekend.

Began reinvestments.

Continued disliking school even more.

Worked endlessly and completely ignored school.

2007 - Age 15/16 - 10th Grade

Dropped out of school.

Began to understand the complications of banks and the IRS.

Remained Rank #1  for YouTube Halo Machinima videos.

Began DJing in San Diego's hottest night clubs as an opener.

Began networking, networking ,networking...

Music career begins to take off.

2008 - Age 16/17

Continued to work as a DJ.

Machinima became over-saturated. Left YouTube.

Income averaging $2k a month

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) starts to become mainstream.

Began to feel bored of electronic music.

Started research into other forms of music.

Finally understood and could HEAR classical music.

Became obsessed over classical music.

Offered once in a lifetime music career option by large company. Derrich declined to pursue his changing interests.

"You either do music for money, or you do music for the love of music..."

"...I can respect that and wish you the best of luck."

2009 - Age 17/18

Stopped DJing.

Sold equipment and removed himself entirely to begin a new interest.

Classical and Electronic music became second nature.

Began research into foreign music and instruments.

Obsessed over Kodo and ancient cultural-ism.

2010 - Age 18/19

Began research on Irish, Scottish, Chinese, and Japanese ancient cultural-ism.

Stopped producing full works of music and began working on styles and rhythms.

2011 - Age 19/20

Began research to understand the core components of what makes music important to humanity.

Experienced Kodo live performance to understand the visual presence and acoustic effects.

2012 - Age 20/21

Began research into languages and prayers of music.

Unrealistic amount of research into ancient chanting.

Obsession of overtone singing.


2013 - Age 21/22

Began experimenting with writing orchestral compositions.

Began research into deep business.

2014 - Age 22/23

Started to put multiple business plans together.

Started working more heavily with all genres of music.

2015 - Age 23/24

First orchestral compositions written.

Dove deep into acoustic and audio dynamics research.

Deep research on film, music, theater, retail, marketing, and money management systems.

Experience Shen Yun to understand dance theater and choreography.

Began writing full works of music with mix and matches of all genres (EDM, Jazz, Classical, Theater, Ancient works, Soundtracks, Hybrid, Rock, etc.).

2016 - Age 24/25

Launched Derrich John


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